Are you looking for a private Philosophy Tutor in Brighton?

If you need an experienced and dedicated Philosophy or Critical Thought A-Level tutor in Brighton, then you should contact me.

I am a qualified and experienced philosophy tutor based in Brighton. I am especially dedicated to teaching A-Level, which establishes the foundations for the aspiring student’s future. I offer one-to-one private tutoring to A-Level students. Find more information on this page and make contact.

I have a BA in Philosophy and Psychology (Old Dominion University, USA), an MA in Continental Philosophy (Warwick University), and a PhD in Philosophy (Sussex University). My professional and caring dedication to education, along with the experience acquired at early stages of university level philosophy, put me in the best possible position to help A-Level students achieve their goals and enter university. Feel free to look through the other pages on my website and contact me should you think I would be able to help you with your studies.

2 Responses to HOME

  1. Mrs Y Y Jones says:

    I live in Chichester, do you cover this area please?

  2. Hi, thanks for the message. I do in principle, but my travel expenses would have to be covered as well. Please email me with more information about your own needs, and we can take it from there: C.Hadjioannou@sussex.ac.uk

    Best wishes,


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